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Monday, January 24, 2005


9am - wake up
10 am - breakfast at Cafe de Praierie Franc Pinot
11am - Smoke a fag with Jacques, who practices second grade grammer with you
1pm - after strolling the streets of france aimlessly Ed decide to strike up a conversation with tourist from the ukraine.
130pm - Lunch at the Petite Juacno Mirona Sixios Bonnona
4pm - more aimless walking but did see a glimpse of Catholic school girls walking home
6pm - no appetite for dinner, instead had a virgin midori sour for fun
9pm - dont quite want to sleep yet but dont really know what to do so instead watches CNN in the hotel.
11pm - depression overwhelms ed and he gazes into the water below london bridge.

that is greyfluff's vision of my trip in may. bastard.
sad thing is, he's pretty much right though. hah.


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