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Sunday, April 10, 2005

what i learnt this weekend

- the movie "sahara" sucks. penelope cruz can't act, matthew "i play bongos naked" mcconaughey can't act, and the plot's incredibly ridiculous. to top it off, there was no gratuitous sex scene. bleh.

- i might be over my golf phase. it's getting terribly frustrating lately. either take a lesson, or ebay your clubs, dude.

- hawaiian bread is the shit. in a good way, of course.

- i miss having a whole bunch of magazine subscriptions. all of them ran out, and i was too lazy to renew them. i didn't even know i missed them until i "borrowed" a bunch of magazines from a friend's house and started reading them again. hmm..does that make me an intellectual?

- my blue period's going away a bit. maybe it's a temporary thing, but let's all hope for the best, k?


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