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Sunday, October 03, 2004


had dim sum for lunch, came back and laid there on the couch, watching the 'skins get their balls handed to them. i was passing out for short intervals and before i knew it, the game was over.

I felt hungry, so i sat up and saw the leftovers box from dim sum sitting there. i knew i didn't put it in the fridge for a reason. i was too lazy/sleepy to walk to the kitchen to grab some utensils, so i sat up and shoveled the leftovers into my mouth with my hands before passing out on the couch again.

after a while, i woke up, stumbled upstairs and somehow got into bed. mind you, this all happened while it was still light outside. i think i finally woke up somewhere around 9.

you know what's crazy? somewhere between all those naps, i somehow managed to watch "sweet home alabama" 3 times.

i may have just confirmed that chick flicks make me drowsy.


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