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Sunday, March 06, 2005

rocky & snoopy

rocky came to us in a birdcage. he was so tiny that my uncle decided to use that to bring him to us. when we let him out of the cage, he stumbled on the grass and decided to chase his own tail. he liked to sleep behind the couch when he was young. we usually would have to move the couch to get to him. he was smart and loving. i remember countless occasions where i was yelled at, and i sat somewhere being all sad, and he'd come to me, tail dropped, nudging and licking my face.

snoopy was the love child of rocky and the neighbors dog :) my sister picked him out from the litter. nono was eager, energetic and more affectionate. he would always pine for attention, maybe because he wanted to outdo his old man.

both of them grew up with me throughout the years. they are fully ingrained in my childhood memories. i've always felt that we abandoned them when we left them back in malaysia, but at their age, we just didn't want to subject them to the rigorous travel when we left.

i will miss you two, kiki, nono.


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