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Monday, April 11, 2005

glass half full?

[12:13] iLoveGirlsFromOhio: whats for lunch
[12:14] fishballerz: anything's cool
[12:14] iLoveGirlsFromOhio: anything?
[12:14] fishballerz: food factory
[12:14] iLoveGirlsFromOhio: nope
[12:14] fishballerz: come on. you have to go back there sometime
[12:14] iLoveGirlsFromOhio: never
[12:14] iLoveGirlsFromOhio: again
[12:15] fishballerz: i heard there's this indian place buffet on university
[12:15] iLoveGirlsFromOhio: ill go there
[12:16] fishballerz: k. don't exactly know where it is though
[12:17] iLoveGirlsFromOhio: well then lets go somewhere else
[12:17] iLoveGirlsFromOhio: popeyes
[12:17] iLoveGirlsFromOhio: popeyes
[12:17] fishballerz: sure
[12:17] iLoveGirlsFromOhio: or checkers actually
[12:17] iLoveGirlsFromOhio: since its nice out
[12:17] fishballerz: it doesn't matter.
[12:18] fishballerz: you know why it doesn't matter?
[12:19] iLoveGirlsFromOhio: y
[12:19] fishballerz: because we're all gonna die anyways
[12:19] iLoveGirlsFromOhio: yup
[12:19] fishballerz: k. let me know when


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