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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

new shirt?

because of some work stuff, i actually didn't show up in jeans today. i'm all blinged out today. well, blinged out comparatively, you know, to my usual jeans and shirt look. not rap star blinged out. i don't have a 10 carat diamond 'ED' hanging from my neck. it's at home, bitches.

anyways, i'm feeling nice. prancing into work. i get through the front door, all confident, and what do i hear the lady say?

"new shirt?", with a chuckle.

ok. what does that mean? does that mean "nice new shirt"? or does she mean, "dumbass, new shirt so you wear it to work? you loser showoff"? or was that statement completely sarcastic as in "ugly new shirt, dude?"

no, i don't over-analyze things like a girl.


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