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Monday, May 02, 2005

useless information about me

i do most of my thinking on a couple of occasions during the day : while i'm driving to/from work and while i'm showering.

sometimes when i'm driving back from work, i get lost in my thoughts, and before i know it, i'm almost home. it's scary to think that i'm out there driving on the highway without having any recollection of what happened. i could've run over someone without even knowing it. maybe that's where the red dent on the front bumper came from. um, forget what i just said.

another safer zoning out period for me is when i'm showering. no, i don't know why either. i find that i get so immersed in whatever useless thing i'm thinking about that i forget if i had just washed my hair, face or body. so i stand there and try to think back, but of course, i end up washing all over again.

i'm so weird.


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