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Friday, April 22, 2005


my friend kurt* was an ass in high school. he treated her like shit. don't believe me? ask him. he'll tell you the same thing. there's no denying it.

it's been 9 years since we graduated from high school (already? fuck. excuse me while i go slit my wrist), and a lot of things have changed. madonna got married, spice girls broke up, and he grew up.

he's calmed down quite a bit. not as emotionally uncertain as before, having shed a lot of baggage, some that he shared with me, some that he chose to keep to himself. maybe it's just maturity. whatever it is, he's become a pretty decent guy. still sucks in golf, but hey, not everyone can be like me.

so miss Angel*, if you happen to read this (sure, and i won the mega million jackpot), give the dumbass a chance, will ya?

*names have been changed to protect the guilty.

ps. kurt, i've done my part. now you need to paypal me the $1.45. thanks.


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