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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

google ads

so i decided to put some google ads up on my blog. i mean, with the huge readership my retarded blog generates, i would be stupid not to cash in with this revenue stream.

i'm tempted to click on the ads myself, but alas, it's against the rules, so i shall not do so. but i keep on refreshing the page to see what ads show up.

there's this ad that keeps on popping up. The title is "Get Paid to Lose Weight". Under that, the text says "Look and feel better. More energy. Natural and Dr. Recommended". It lists the url www.WeLoveOurDiet.com at the end.

i believe that google is trying to tell me something. something like "yo, fat ass! lookie here. you so fat you only get diet ads. No normal ads for you, fatboy"

fuck you, i'm not paranoid.


Blogger Epic Dude said...

someone should post about your crazy hair, then you can get hair cut ads to pop up!

September 15, 2004 11:58 PM


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