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Thursday, October 28, 2004

karate kid

according to a chat on washingtonpost.com, there are fellow peeps out there that use their feet to flush the damn toilet.

ok. i know weird. come on, i'm card carrying weirdo. but using your feet to flush? i'm speechless. so naturally, i thought of technique next. how does one flush with feet? i mean, think of the core stability one needs to balance and exert force. the only way i can imagine is

and you'd have to bring your feet down slowly. i mean, you're trying to flush, not bust the whole water tank. anyways, enough about the karate kid kick.

i mean, how fucking scared of everything do you have to be to actually use your feet? i still can't get over it. sure, i use tp as a buffer between my hands and the handle. and i thought i was being overly paranoid.

pretty soon everyone's gonna be a fucking bubble boy. then i'll go around busting people's bubble like pimples on my ass.


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