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Friday, October 22, 2004

sucking in air

i just made the last turn and now i see the damn balloons, so naturally i think i'm super-fucking-man and start sprinting. there's a couple of people in front of me, and i figured i might catch up with them.

halfway in, my tar filled lungs are burning like there's no tomorrow. and i start to question the finish line etiquette : do you just chill? or do you try to cut in front of people? will it be rude? i mean, it's not like we're fighting for 1st place. at this point, it's about 25 mins after the first person crossed the line. either way, i decide to chill a bit. just take it easy and live to run another day.

all of a sudden, i hear f'ing footsteps behind me. apparently there's no runner's etiquette at the finish line. so now all i'm thinking about is "i can't let people pass me at the finish line!!!" so i turn on my high powered superjets and force myself to move again. i think that's when this picture was taken.

they didn't pass me at the end. so i win. i am the bestest.



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