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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

sunset sunrise

before sunrise was 9 yrs ago, when i was younger. how i yearned for that connection with that someone and have that kind of connection. sure, it was only for one night, but the brash, intense conversation was more than what i dared to dream for.

before sunset is 9 yrs later. both went their separate ways, living out vastly different lives. things didn't go as planned. on the surface, both have moved on to bigger and better things, but things are not as they seem.

just like life, i guess. we all yearn for something, and maybe some of us get it while the rest of us aren't as fortunate. but as time moves on, we get to a point in our lives where maybe what we have isn't have isn't what we want. what we want we cannot obtain.

i hate open interpretation endings because i hate the possibility of it not being a happy one, but i suppose it's a more accurate reflection of life. i hate to admit it, but the open endings for these movies are perfect. if everything was tied up into a tidy red bow it would've been a cheesy hollywood type ending. it's almost the ending doesn't really matter, for no matter how brief the connection, that is more important than the outcome.

don't think i'm getting my point across very well at all. watching movies like this always fills me up with emotions that i can't really even begin to describe.

i should just stick to watching sports on tv.


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