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Wednesday, December 01, 2004


i'm sitting in bed, surfing the net, looking at animal porn, about to go to sleep. then i look over and see the cat sleeping at the foot of the bed. he was sitting with his legs tucked under, tail wrapped around his body. he looked so damn cute that i almost started having feelings like a girl would have.

so i decided to try to take a picture, since the camera's right next to my bed. i slowly reach over, and grab the camera. look over at him, good. he hasn't moved one bit.

i turn on the camera, and the lens unwinds. i adjust the camera for the dim lighting and look up at the cat. he's standing up, looking straight at me, wide awake.

i believe he knows i'm trying to take a picture of him. so what does he do? he stretches and leaves the room.

little bastard. i swear he's gonna maul me tonight.


Blogger KinkyPugKevin said...

aww so cute. hehe...

December 01, 2004 8:04 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

bwahahahaha, kev totally wants to get slippery between the sheets with you!

December 02, 2004 9:14 AM

Blogger KinkyPugKevin said...

i don't mind. but i respect ed as he is.
it's only a compliment.. :))

December 03, 2004 7:03 AM


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