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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

insane in the membrane

so this morning, i'm driving to work.
for the first 15 mins, everything's going along smoothly. it's a beautiful day, the sun's out, cars zooming along. just wonderful.

then traffic comes to a standstill. no exaggeration there. complete fucking stop. normally, i'd be ok.

but not today.

something inside me just totally flipped. i went insane. i became totally frustrated, even though i knew there was nothing i could've done to change the situation.

i started talking to other drivers, warning them not to fucking cut me off, or i'd kick their ass. and i asked a couple hot chicks that were in the next car out on dates, but they never replied. i wonder why.

but i digress.

so anyways, i was in the car, just fucking cussing at everything around me. i think i even gave a grandma the finger (come on, cut me some slack. i was pissed) god damn it. i'm getting pissed just thinking about it.


Blogger lb said...

perhaps you need some anger management therapy?

December 08, 2004 5:00 PM


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