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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

hump day musings

- i like kirsten dunst. despite the semi-weird-looking roundish face and saggy boobies, i like her. told you guys i like weird girls, didn't i?

- i gassed up at 1.97 per gallon yesterday after work. this morning the same gas station had it at 2.03 per gallon. i might need to start biking to work if this trend continues.

- should've gotten a large coffee instead of a medium. those bastards forgot to put sugar in it too. fuckers.

- i should bring the pyrex lunch container home. it's been sitting here on my desk since saturday, and it's getting pretty disgusting. if you add water to the dried stuff clinging to the side, can you still eat it?

- what should i do for spring break? 3 days off. should i take 2 more days on top of that, just to make it a whole week?


Blogger lb said...

last point you have.... the answer there is YES, take the 2 days off so you'll have a week of fun. =) Come to Hawaii with me...ha!

March 09, 2005 1:06 PM


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