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Sunday, May 22, 2005

the weekend flew by, didn't it?

sure, i was drugged out half the time. of course i was also not able to eat anything remotely solid for the past few days.

but hey, it was a fun experience. i mean "is", not "was", since i'm still spitting blood, and the pain's still there. significantly less though, but it's still there.

so a coworker called me on friday and told me to call landau. i called him, and he asked how i was. i told him i was feeling shitty (not in those exact words). he said "take today to recover, take tomorrow to recover, but i need you to come in on sunday to do something". after trying 10000 different ways to get out of it without any sign of success, i finally said yes.

i didn't go in today. i felt it was unnecessary, since i could just finish the task first thing tomorrow.

i hope i'm not fired.


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