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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

tattoo story #2

i don't really remember the exact date or year, actually.

all i know is that it was a few months after valentines day. the day the first girl that i loved broke my heart.

i spent months moping around, hoping that the pain would go away, but somehow, everything around me seemed to amplify it.

so logically, i decided to get a tattoo.

tattoo of what, you ask. of course i'm not stupid enough to tattoo her name on me. get real. i'm not a retard. i only got her initials. shut up.

so i waltzed into the same tattoo parlor i got my first ink done, chose a font, and had them tattoo 2 characters on my left bicep.


maybe i over-romanticied the idea of the end of that relationship. maybe i wanted it to mean more that it really did. maybe that's what stupid guys who get their hearts ripped out do. i really have no sound explanation for it.

it's significance to me has changed over the years. i don't even look at it now. it's a part of me (at least until tattoo removals become cheaper) that i've made peace with.

who could predict that this was the beginning of a trend?


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