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Wednesday, October 19, 2005


blink. his eyes slowly adjust to the light seeping into the room. damn, where did the night go?

the first thing he feels is the itchiness on his left leg. he shifts it under the thick, wool blanket, trying to shake it off. it works. there's this strange feeling of numbness, not one of the physical nature, rather it's almost like an invisible cloak, surrounding him. He blinks again.

he stares at the ceiling, painted with an off white, probably eggshell. can't be sure though. there must be a million different whites out there these days. it's seen better days, but in this light, one can barely see the spider webs accumulated in the corners.

he sits up, stifling a yawn in the process. his feet touch the coarse carpeting. he feels fine. he looks around, absorbing his surroundings. hmm..left the light on again last night, he thinks to himself.

he eyes the bathroom, stands up, and walks over to it, stretching his lean body along the way. the cold water splashing against his face startles him, but it knocks the remaining sleepiness right out of his system. he lathers up his facial soap, then spreads it over his face with only his left hand, running his right hand under the cold water.

5 minutes later, he stands in front of his closet. he opens it up, and finds it almost empty, baring a single black suit, a white shirt and a pair of black wingtips. guess this makes the decision easier, he mumbles to himself.

he stands in front of the mirror, adjusting his suit. it fits him, he decides. he flashes a smile to himself, dusts off his shoulders and turn towards the door. a few strides later, his left hand's on the knob. he starts to turn it, then stops abruptly.

he holds that position for a few seconds. he blinks his eyes rapidly, small beads of sweat start forming at his temples.

he lets go of the knob and just stands there, staring at the floor.

his mind's blank. no name, no purpose, no destination.


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