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Sunday, November 13, 2005


i feel an urge to write about cookies.

i have no earth shattering observations about cookies, nothing about how it relates to life and the search for contentment (is that even a legit word?); or how it relates to friends sitting around, chatting about the ; or even how i still felt empty after devouring the chocolate cookie.

i just felt the need to write about the need to write about cookies. wow. how many gramatical rules did i break with that sentence?

cookies are such hard topics to work into any storyline. sure, you could write about the baking of cookies, but we all know about my legendary skills in the kitchen.

or you could describe the cookie itself and the process of eating the cookie. here it is: i see cookie, i bite into cookie, i finish cookie. i could write 500 words about serving a tennis ball, but probably not even 50 words about eating a cookie.

so why is it exactly that i'm writing about fucking cookies?


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