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Friday, November 04, 2005

ignorance is bliss

ok, ed. we need to have a talk.

what about?

you know, your whole laissez-faire attitude towards money and stuff.

what're you talking about?

um, the spending like you're shitting gold attitude? ring a bell?

oh, that. um...but it all necessities.

of course. like the eating outs, the books, cds, humidifier?
and the $300 phone and $900 digital slr you're thinking of buying?
i mean, how can you possibly live without those?
have you seen your credit card bills this month?

um, no. in fact, i haven't really checked my bills closely in the past couple months.

ahh, admitting you have a problem is the first step, you know.

fuck you. i don't have a problem. some of the stuff is for the store anyways.

you know what, you're absolutely right.

i am? shut the fuck up.

no, you really are right. so you just need to get reimbursed when the bills are due.

um, yeah. but the business doesn't have enough money to reimburse me. not right now anyways.

so when're you gonna get reimbursed?

after we have enough money to pay the rent, fix the ac, pay the employees, buy the food and stuff, you know.

in other words, in about 5 years?

um, probably less than that.

so let me summarize. not only are you spending money, unnecessarily, i might add, on things for yourself, you're also spending money out of your own pocket for the store?

well, of course it sounds ugly if you put it that way.

damn, kid. did you really get dropped as a fucking child?


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