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Sunday, May 28, 2006


on any single dive, no two people will see have the same experience, see the same exact things. so everything's a matter of perspective. your point of view, the context in which you set things in.

but this, i can't really decipher what it is. i've looked at it from every possible angle, and yet, i still can't draw a conclusion that i'm confident about. sure, i could venture a guess, but there's absolutely no certainty to it. well, i've learnt to just drift along with the current and see where it leads you to.

at least i'm underwater.

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Blogger KinkyPugKevin said...

Ooooo nice.

Good to know you're still alive. :)

May 29, 2006 2:53 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

....a little photography ackowledgemen would be nice....

It's funny how you hate to take portraits because they are too cliche, and they are just not artistic enough, therefore you did not take more than 2 pictures of me on the trip. Yet you would use pictures i have taken of you...it's nice isn't it? to have a picture of yourself doing what you love......now place yourself in my shoes next time, maybe I would like to have some good photos of me diving.

May 31, 2006 2:54 PM

Blogger ed said...

ok. my fault.

picture taken by grey fluff.

yes, i didn't take any pictures. maybe it's because i don't have an underwater housing for my camera? let's hope i get one by the next trip. then i still wouldn't take any pictures of you.

seriously though, i did take a few of you, didn't i? the atomic sales brochure picture was ok, i thought.

want me to post that one of you?

May 31, 2006 3:04 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

fucking pour more vinagar on the wound by posting terrible picture of me. See that is the inherit misfortune of photography. when someone sees the picture you have posted they woo and say, wow that is so artistic ed, you looked so peaceful in the picture, how you do it. Shit, ed didnt do shit, he probably was shitting in his shorts making sure he had more than 1100 PSI so that the dive nazi wouldn't spoil his fun. Now look at the picture you took of me, people will associate my face to the terribly taken picture, yet i had nothing to do with it.

May 31, 2006 3:11 PM

Blogger ed said...

no, you got that wrong.

sure, they'll see me chilling, floating along the top of a coral, and associate me with mega coolness. but maybe 1 out of 1000 will think "hey, who took the picture?" that's where you become cool.

posting this picture wasn't to promote my self coolness (i don't need the picture for that). it was to promote your fortunate accidental taking of this picture.

so pour more vingear on the sea urchin wound, my buddy, and maybe you'll feel better.

May 31, 2006 3:28 PM


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