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Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Pre Vacation Syndrome is hitting me like a mofo.

i’ve been even more unproductive today, compared to other days. yes, i know, it’s quite unbelievable that i could be even more comatose here at work, but trust me on this. if it’s one thing i know, it’s slacking.

so anyways, tomorrow i go on another trip. yay me. i can’t wait to get there, but i’m almost tripped out, i think, at this point. too many days away from the cat, too much time worrying about getting to the airport on time, too much “i’m on vacation, i can buy anything i want” bills to pay off.

i’m not complaining. or whining. shut up.

ok. next topic.

yes, jenny, i did cook last night. yes, i made the main dish. it was my interpretation of it, at least. probably the really chicken out way, but fuck you. and i plated it better than you did. eat your heart out, master chef.

you know those people who keep on telling you to save the environment and take public transportation? those peeps must be oil sheiks, trust fund babies or bill gates’ relatives. taking public transportation is, apparently, more expensive than buying a Ferrari. i kid you not. in other news, the kiosk that take payment for fare cards now take cash, credit, debit and organ.

after 9 months of eager anticipation, my furniture’s finally arrived. i know. maybe now i can pay it off with my social security distributions. shit, that means having to move a whole bunch of old stuff to the basement, clean, and rearrange stuff. should be interesting. it’s almost like extreme home makeover, except i don’t have a designer, it’s really not all that extreme, it’s only for one room and it’s not free. it’s a leather couch, so i might have a cat to give to a good home in a few weeks.

i’ll pack and go to bed early. i’ll pack and go to bed early. i’ll pack and go to bed early.


Blogger geesmo said...

vacations! cool! where are you going this time? what about dandan? who's gonna feed him? or are you going to feed him magic beans or something?

August 30, 2006 6:05 PM

Blogger KinkyPugKevin said...

i'm jealous. again. sigh.

September 01, 2006 3:16 AM


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