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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

jail would like, totally suck

it sure didn’t take long for nablopomo to turn into nablonomo, huh? this, my friends, is the true definition of dedication. but let’s not cry over spilt blog entries and just move on. everyday is a new post. or not. whatever.

last night, i decided that i would relive my youth. thus, i went and played pickup basketball. yes i did.

thoughts before playing
- i’m in decent shape. i can do it. yeah.
- i’m an athlete, biatch. it’ll just come back to me. just like c++ or something.

thoughts post playing
- god damn motherfucker, i’m way out of shape.
- me sucko mucho at basketball.
- let’s just stick to walking, eating and sleeping. it’s hurts less that way.

so today, i’m walking as if i’ve got a up my . now i know to kill myself before i ever get sentenced to jail time.


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