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Wednesday, November 01, 2006


so i think i'm sick. body just started feeling sore, and now my joints ache, and i can feel myself starting to burn up. yay me. i'll be so f'ing pissed if i actually do get sick. no, not because i don't want to feel nasty, etc. it's because i finally accrued enough vacation time to get back on the + column. i have a grand total of 2 hours and change of leave time.

and i am not about to use that leave time for a sick day. screw that. i'm using it when i can actually enjoy that. i can wake up tomorrow with half an eye stuck shut with eye shit, or even if i start to drown in my own nose runny watery shit, i'll somehow drag my voluptous ass to work. i'll use those 2 hours over my dead body (fuck, i'm just asking for it, aren't i?)

can you say productive worker bee?


like, apparently i signed up for nablopomo or something. go figure. as if writers block wasn't enough, now i've got peeps checking the blog to see if i actually do it. no pressure or anything. gosh.

so for all my loyal readers (.3343 of them), as well as those who has unfortunately stumbled upon this disaster of a blog, fasten your seatbelts, get the puke bag ready and let's get this fucker on the road.


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