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Monday, October 11, 2004


currently listening to
"where is my mind" - the pixies
which is so right it's scary.

i've been thinking. how are you supposed to laugh on the internet?

laf, lol, heh, hah, hehehehe, ahahahahah. which one's correct? let's break it down.

laf and lol isn't actually laughing. it's describing the laughing. it's like you telling me a joke, and instead of cracking up, i go "laughing out loud". kinda weird, huh?

heh and hah are close. but it's only 1 snort. maybe you'd offend the person on the other side of the conversation. "what, my joke's not funny? i only get one fucking lousy snort? well, you ain't getting no head anytime soon." see what i mean? it can be highly dangerous if misinterpreted.

so you say, sure, just tack on more sylabuses to the laughter and make it hahahaha or hehehehe. what if the person breaks it down like so : hah- ah - ah- ah- ah or heh- eh - eh - eh? it could very easily turn into an orgasmic moan instead of laughter. that would tell the person on the other end that you're a sex addict and you're touching yourself right now.

so there. no perfect way to laugh on the internet. personaly, i like the 'ahahahaha'. and yes, i'm touching myself right now.


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