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Thursday, December 16, 2004

what could've been

years ago, the three of us were sitting in bistro francais in georgetown, enjoying a late night dinner.

the discussion somehow went to coming up with ideas and getting venture caps to fund us, thus making a gazillion billion dollars.

i came up with a usb peripheral that you could have sex with, that somehow it would be a simulation of sex. for geeks that never leave their computers. what does this have to do with the story? nothing. just thought i'd mention it, that's all.

then someone (don't remember who, exactly) came up with the idea of having a machine that would emit scents depending on which website the user was visiting. for example, if someone was visiting a travel site and looked at beach destinations, the machine would emit some sort of beachy smell. ocean breeze maybe.

the idea somehow died. maybe it was because we knew nothing about the makeup of smells, if it could be broken down into a few basic scents that could be mixed together at a later time to produce various different scents. maybe it was just because we didn't really think it would lead anywhere. maybe we weren't aggressive enough.

today, one of the other two people involved in this conversation emailed the rest of us.

it could've been us


Blogger Grey Fluff said...

Yes......I received the email too....sigh. God damn japs pulled another one from us........."Im sorry grandma, I couldn't get revenge on them for you".

......(Clears throat> Just for the record, I think I was the one who thought of that idea.......just in case the VC pulls their funding on that project and decided to fund the three of us, we wont have to fight for ownership, since it was my idea.........60,20,20. I wont go higher then that.....Ok ok....fine....50,25,25.
We will still be friends.

I can see it now.....come on close your eyes. In five years, every fucking computer is going to have one of those. McAfee will have a new programm called SkantBlocker. Skant's(i have just patent the name) will be the new spam, except it'll be unsuspecting smells. Popcorn, pizza, urine, beer armpits all at inopportune times. Hey Ed maybe you should start writing a program for SkantBlockers, hell we'll make money off of that instead.

December 17, 2004 10:17 PM


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