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Thursday, February 24, 2005

see ya, suckas

the alarm rang, and i was exhausted. stayed in bed, listening to the radio, hoping that it was announced that work was a no-go today. nothing.

i get out of bed, peek outside teh window. fuck. no snow on the roads, only on the grass. i'm fucked. well, gotta get ready for work, i guess.

but of course, my laziness knows no bounds, so i booted up the laptop, hoping to get better news online.

what do you know, my persistence paid off. first snow day of the year, bitches and hos. i was exhausted earlier, but now i feel like i can go run a couple miles. it's strange how snow days affect you. is there any better feeling that a snow day?

gonna go back to my hibernation and dream happy dreams now.

later, suckas.


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