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Thursday, April 14, 2005

comfort zone

i read quite a bit. it's something my parents instilled in my sister and i when we were younger. plus, i don't have a gf and my left hand's exhausted. gotta kill time somehow, right?

so i realized that i have a much harder time when it comes to reading technical papers or classic novels. it's harder for me to digest, and sometimes, well, most times, i find myself zoning out and start to skim for content.

not so with the newer novels. grisham, king, etc. i can polish off a novel in one afternoon at starbucks.

why is that, i wonder. i think it has something to do with what's in my comfort zone and what's not. things i'm used to, i can do faster, but things that a bit unfamiliar to me takes me longer to adjust.

but if we dwell exclusively in our comfort zone, how would we experience new things? how do we challenge and expand ourselves? we only do things that we're accustomed to, and thus forgoing the experience of new and different things.

is that how i want to be? hmm.

just food for thought, that's all.


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