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Monday, May 23, 2005

bow to me, expert photo taker

i finally skimmed through the instruction manual of the digital camera today, and now i know how to produce panoramic pictures :)

you can still see the borders that the pictures merge on though, and the angles are a bit off, so it looks like i'm living in some sort of salvador dali painting, but at least it's panoramic, so stop complaining. (damn, that was the mother of all run-on sentences, wasn't it?)

my place is such a mess, isn't it?



Blogger KinkyPugKevin said...

talk about self-praise.. did i see an underwear?

May 25, 2005 4:08 AM

Blogger ed said...


where did you see my reflection?

May 25, 2005 8:39 AM

Blogger KinkyPugKevin said...

i did not see any reflection. but i'd like to think i see undies. hehe. dirty birdie me.

you bugger, you did not reply my email!

May 26, 2005 4:36 AM


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