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Friday, June 09, 2006


not 69, you fucking pervs.

my grandma turned 96 today.

naturally, it was another occassion for the dysfunctional bunch (taiwanese edition) to celebrate her birthday. and me, i was obligated to attend said function. it was either attend or have my mom scream at me for the next 10 yrs about it. i should've just moved out of the area, or at least told them that, when i had the chance.

so instead being somewhere else and doing something that i might actually enjoy, i get to deal with 1 cranky 96 yr old, 1 nagging mom, 2 uncles that i see twice a yr and never get past "hi", 1 aunt who probably hates being there more than i do, a married cousin, her husband and her two kids that makes me want to neuter myself so i never produce such offsprings.

ever had a 90 minute dinner in complete silence? no? you should come have dinner with us someday. i guess it probably is somewhat of an uncomfortable silence, but i've gotten so used to it i actually find it funny.

it's actually quite sad, when you com to think about it. here's a whole bunch of blood relatives that deep down inside, cares a lot about each other. but they suck at conveying that through words or actions. they bicker about the minor stuff at every opportunity. i can't even begin to count how many screaming and yelling episodes i've been a witness to.

but somehow, we managed to make it through dinner without spitting at each other, or gauging someone else's eyes out, so it was a success afterall, relatively. ha ha. get it? relatively.

can't wait till the next fucking family gathering.


Blogger geesmo said...

96. wow. not sure if i want to live that long. but, i just wanted to say that i hear you about them 'silent dinners' thank goodness we don't have any relatives here.

June 13, 2006 9:03 AM


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