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Tuesday, June 20, 2006


turn the music on. not that loud. it’s late, and the neighbors are asleep.

wrap your left wrist first. make sure it’s tight. now do the right hand. make it snug, but don’t cut off circulation, dumb ass.

ok. let’s go.

right jab. jab. left straight. concentrate.

watch your steps.

breathe. jab. jab.

bob. weave. duck. move.

take it easy on the wrist, will you? space yourself better.

breathe. don’t think. concentrate.

feel the burn. don’t stop. keep going. keep those arms up a bit longer.

you finally stop. sweat dripping from your forehead, and you wipe them off with your hand wraps. you labor to catch your breath, leaning forward, hands on knees.

after a while, your body recovers, calms down, and your mind starts to wander again. a smile creeps up on you, and you feel a certain optimism in you.

with the smile still lingering, you stand up, face the bag again, and take on round 2.


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