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Friday, July 21, 2006


interview 1 of the greatJobHunt2006 is slated for this afternoon.

i found this out earlier in the week, and being the ever smart person with incredible foresight, i planned on trying out my clown, i mean, interview costume beforehand.

that was days ago. sure, in my mind, i sorted out what i was going to wear, but i never actually looked at my choices physically.

until just now.

1st choice : conservative look. the combination of a lighter blue button down shirt with a dark blue tie was nixed due to extreme wrinkleness and 2 fang marks on the tie. (do i not feed the fucker enough? why would he chew on my ties?)

2nd choice : boring look. white shirt and a black tie. where the fuck is my white shirt? did the dry clean fairy steal it? i have no recollection at all.

last choice : project runway look. pink vertical striped shirt with a salmon colored tie. sure to amuse certain people, but by process of elimination, i guess that's my clown suit for the dance.

speaking of the suit, there's another disaster. apparently my efforts to get in better shape has made the suit a tad bigger. like i can fit the cat inside my jacket and still button it up with room to spare.

so i will show up at the interview with a non-conservative shirt/tie combo and an oversized suit. couple that with the fact that i'll be taking the metro, one can almost spell d-i-s-a-s-t-e-r.

can't wait.


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