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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

mr. jones - counting crows

i’m sitting here in my cube, years removed from that day, and yet i can remember almost every detail.

it was a smoldering hot day, and we were returning from shopping at tysons.  My sister’s bf drove, with her sitting in the passenger seat.  I had the whole backseat to myself, and of course i just unfurled myself, spreading out across the back.  

the sun was setting, but the air was still humid and hot.  For some reason, instead of turning on the ac, all the windows were rolled down.  Wind tunneling in and out of the windows created a huge racket, but the radio was turned up, trying to drown out the commotion.  and i closed my eyes, singing along to this song in my head as i slowly dozed off amidst all the noise.

funny how a song can evoke such memories.


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