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Friday, March 11, 2005

i hate stocks and stocks hate me

stop fucking dropping, you pieces of crap.

i really shouldn't be investing in stocks. i don't know enough about them, don't do enough research on them.

so this is how my normal stock buying process goes :
1) ask coworkers/friends/random internet people for stock tips.
2) look at ratings on yahoo.com
3) think positive thoughts.
4) look at current trading price, then get bid price by subtrating 10 or 20 cents.
5) check every 5 seconds to see if i bought it.
6) pray it goes down to my bid price.
7) pray it stops going down after it reaches my bid price.

then after i hold a position in that stock, what invariably happens is that it'll go up 10, 15%. at that point, i'll grin like a fool and disect the genius that i am.

of course i won't sell at that point, because i'm a greedy mofo.

within 2 weeks of it being up 10, 15%, it'll drop dead and stop performing, like me after sex, leading me to write shit like this and bitch about it.

i should just bury the money in my backyard and hope that a money tree sprouts.


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