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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

rain, rain go away

come again another day.

it rained and rained. patches of heavy downpour sandwiched between brief spurts of relief.

i stood there, right under the entrance, staring out at the ghost town of a parking lot, thinking of those who left while it was still light out. i took a cigarette out of my pocket and hesitated a bit before lighting it up.

shit, i'm not supposed to be smoking here, am i? ah, fuck it. it's pouring. what the fuck are they gonna do?

so i stood there for a good 5 minutes, waiting for the rain to let up, wondering why i was even there at that time of day. it's hard to get motivated when you no longer care, and yet i was still there. sometimes i don't understand myself.

the rain didn't let up at all, so i just flicked the cigarette off somewhere, and strolled through the rain, jumping in puddles along the way.


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