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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

review 06

just like that, another year is close to expiring.

a lot of things happened throughout the year, packed with revelations of others and myself, and yet it seems that it’s all a blur. how can so much crap fly by so damn fast? this whole time concept is one weird thing.

another year, another new job. i’m close to becoming a job slut, hopping from one to another on a whim, but hey, i’m a bigger money slut, so i just follow the money. but then i realized that it doesn’t really matter how much you earn. as long as you have a money sucking business and a money sucking condo and a Bloomingdales card, you will never have any leftovers.

i realize that i don’t know jack about businesses, finances and marketing. the two fore-mentioned ventures pretty much confirmed that without a doubt. so the methods set to correct those deficiencies are now in motion (well, the early early planning stages of such methods anyways). maybe it’ll involve a whole lot of time for golf, maybe it’ll be such that no time can be allocated for white dimpled ball striking. like i said, it’s still in the early planning stages. your guess is as good as mine. for now.

i’m also sad to say that mentally, i’m not what i thought i was. a whole lot of cracks, holes even, showed up in my mental wall this year. amongst them, envy. i want what they have. everyone else but me, it seems. so i try, and in doing so, fail to understand my limitations. i look back at those events and find myself shaking my head. what happened to mental fortitude?

so the next year will be spent with more modest goals in mind. no doubling net worth, become CEO, etc. simpler, self enriching goals are more like it.
- live within my means. recuperate financially.
- mend mental wall. control materialistic wants and envy.
- self development. learn.
- obtain advanced open water (AOW) and Rescue diver cards.
- visit 1 new country.

pretty interesting year, all in all. can’t help but to think that i’ve taken a huge step back in overall growth, but i guess it’s one of those real life lessons crap. no point moping around over spilt coffee, i suppose.

the sun will keep on shining, birds will continue chirping, dandan will still lay his head on my chest at night, and i’ll be ok.


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