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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

and you don’t stop

cause you can’t stop.

i brought in another box of kashi cereal to work.

yes i did. even after the premature trashing of the previous box due to rats making sweet sweet love to it, i have decided that i can’t just sit there and not eat cereal ever again at work. i mean, sure they have like 10 gazibillion diseases they spread, but i have opposable thumbs and a strange lump on my skin. i am better than them rats.

so box #2 has been rat proof’d. at least i hope it’s been. i ain’t no rat expert, son. Armed with a different storage spot and 3 rubber bands, i am playing cereal hide and seek with the rats. They'll get to my crunchy kashi over my dead, lard filled body.

what the fuck has my life become?


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