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Friday, November 05, 2004

my desk

$17 on old lotto tickets in a tigger mug. reminder of why i should start blowing money off on women and booze instead of lotto.

2 monitors, one on each side. 2 keyboards (1 normal, 1 ergonomic), 1 mouse and a trackball.

an avaya phone, covered with dust. i think i average about 1 phone call a week from the outside.

some sort of polished egg shaped rock. a gift from a co-worker when he was visiting china.

2 black pens, a pencil, a bottle of whiteout and a black sharpie in the tigger mug.

a red dry erase pen marker, another black pen, a red pen, and a yellow highlighter lying around the desk.

sunglasses, a packet of soy sauce from yesterday's chinese food, my cell, wallet and pda.

a yellow post-it pad and a couple wadded up tissue (how did that get there?)

dark crimson red swingline stapler (in honor of office space), a screw and a usb adapter.

i need to clean my desk.


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