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Sunday, July 30, 2006

queue swan song

it dawned on me today, speaking to her, that my days at gecko hq are down to the last week.

unlike the last position, where i was really "run, do not walk to the nearest exit" hell bent on leaving, this one feels different.

it's almost bittersweet, i suppose. i don't know.

apart from the somewhat shitty pay and the refusal of granting me the opportunities to move up, i actually somewhat enjoyed that place. absorbed a whole lot of job related knowledge, worked with a whole bunch of fun, smart and sometimes crazy individuals. i learnt the hard way that sometimes opportunities you think you deserve might not be given to you, but it's an invaluable lesson that i needed anyways.

so i get ready to bid farewell to this place. without this, i wouldn't have gone through what i went through, and i'm thankful for that. plus, i met her working there, so i guess that overrides pretty much all the negative stuff.

and so, another opportunity awaits me, a challenging one, no doubt, but it'll be fun. i've never worked downtown before, and with the subway commute everyday, it'll be a different experience.

let the battle of motion sickness begin.


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