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Friday, July 28, 2006

times of change

life sure is unpredictable, isn't it?

less than a year ago, i was just leaving my job, about to start a new job. of course, knowing me, i had to go on a vacation in between jobs, so i went out west, all the way to san jose.

i remember thinking about how things have changed over time, and wondering how it would evolve in the future.

in a little bit less than 10 months, grey fluff's fluffed his way down to houston, promoted to a managerial position.

over the same period of time, i realized that i could actually do something other than programming and now am on the verge of moving up slightly up the food chain.

i learnt scuba, went diving and spent my birthday smoking a cuban cigar on a balcony, looking out at the dark ocean. i guess that's how a relaxing vacation is supposed to feel like.

i realized that there is someone for me, even an self absorbed jackass like me, so maybe there's hope for us all afterall. let's hope that she doesn't wisen up anytime soon.

can't wait to see what the winds of change will bring in next.


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