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Monday, February 27, 2006

overheard at work

team lead : hey, i need your help.
team member : ok, what’s up.
team lead : if 2450 is 40%, how do i find out what’s 60%?
team member : um, let me see.

(5 minutes later)

team member : 3675.
team lead : ok, thanks.

makes you wonder how they got out of high school, doesn’t it?  i’m pretty sure dandan could’ve come up with the answer faster than that.

me : here’s 10 pieces of science diet.  this is 40% of your food.
dandan: meow.
me : ok, so how much more do I owe you?
dandan : meow.
me : haha. you’re as dumb as them.  hahah.
dandan : (unleashes thousand claw shower)
me : ok ok. here you go.  the answer’s 15, you dumb cat. 15.

see?  the whole process would’ve taken him less than 5 minutes to figure out.

Thursday, February 02, 2006


i've been looking for some sort of change in my life for a while now.

i mean, i fucking quit my job cold turkey and shaved my head. still, i realized it wasn't enough.

i needed an edge. that distinct look. something like michael jackson and his white glove.

so here it is : my new edgy, dangerous look.

damn, i'm cool.