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Tuesday, April 11, 2006


i’m a big coca cola supporter.  

i collect unopened cans and bottles.  I probably have over 100 cans/bottles of coca cola products.  Cherry coke, sure, i’ll drink it.  Coke Zero, sure, i’ll buy a few.

I’m also a huge coffee drinker.

i drink probably 2,3 cups of coffee everyday.  I’ll drink coffee from anywhere.  Starbucks, dunkin donuts, gas stations or even the shitty coffee they have here at the cafeteria.

this leads me to the new coca-cola product.  A carbonated fusion beverage, as they would call it.  Coca-cola Blak.  Coffee flavored carbonated water.

i guess this is what dog piss tastes like.  How could a combination of two glorious products produce such a travesty?  it’s just like bill and hillary clinton producing chelsea.  Only in this case bill and hillary would look like george Clooney and kate beckinsdale.  and they produced liza minnelli.  it’s like, ewww, but much worse.

so save your hard earned money.  unless you were dying of thirst (literally, not fucking figuratively) or someone stuck a gun to your head and told you to drink it, i say you should burn the money instead of using it to purchase said fusion shit.

Monday, April 03, 2006

yeah yeah yeahs

eating at an ethiopian restaurant just to get out of the rain : $48.00
2 beers at 9:30 club : $12
2 tshirts : $40
forgetting about everything during a 60 minute set : fucking priceless