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Friday, October 27, 2006


so you’ve reached a tentative agreement to rent out the place for $1.  you’re content, but not really.  it’s something, but it doesn’t really cover all your expenses.  but you agreed to it.  so you begrudgingly honor it.

then someone comes along and offers $1.25.  and you become really tempted.  because the offer is more attractive.  but they have yet to agree to sign the lease like the previous person.  and you sway in the crosswinds, undecided.

should you take the sure thing for a bit less, or be a bit greedy and take the seemingly better offer?

Friday, October 13, 2006

it's friday the 13th

i've been sitting here, staring at this screen for close to an hour, desperately trying to find something insightful, witty or funny to write about to no avail.

sure, a whole bunch of words spewed out, but damn, son, it stunk more than leftover chinese food left in an airtight car for a week during the summer.

so i'll just shut up.

video taken during the flower garden trip. no sharks or divers were hurt during the filming.

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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

the price you pay

as usual, 2 months into a new job, i'm sick of it. can't stand it. "want to rip my nuts off just to get a day off" kind of can't stand it.

naturally, i want to quit and become a scuba bum, island hopping around the caribbean, get a wicked tan, be happy, and all that jazz. follow thy heart or whatever, you know.

so i was talking to this guy. seems like he's living his dream. he acts. he's had roles in a variety of films, from TV work, broadway, to movies. we talked about movies, aaron sorkin, me wanting to be the dead guy in a series, etc. pretty cool guy.

then he gave me my movies and told me that they were due by midnight Saturday.

and that, my friends, is why i got my fat ass to work today.